Making of‘Love Serenade’

Love Serenade is a wickedly funny 1996 Australian feature film directed by Shirley Barrett. It is a comedy film which has the tagline: “Two sisters will do anything to hook the right man.”

There are not many characters in Love Serenade (R), which is set in a fictitious, small town called Sunray, located on the Murray River. It is a slightly-disguised version of Robinvale, Victoria, which was the location of the movie.

You’re introduced to a pair of sisters, Dimity (Miranda Otto) and Vicki-Ann (Rebecca Frith), who share a house. Dimity, the shy and insecure sibling, is a waitress at a local Chinese restaurant. Vicki-Ann, the brash one, is a hair stylist. Both are looking for love, although the prospects in Sunray seem bleak, at best. That is, until Ken Sherry (George Shetsov), a thrice divorced Brisbane DJ personality, moves into the house next door.

Source: Wikipedia

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