Local industries in Robinvale-Euston

Local Industries

There are four industry sectors that are the key drivers of the Robinvale-Euston’s regional economy in terms of exports, employment, and value added and local expenditure on goods and services. In order of size, they are:

  • Agriculture
  • Manufacturing
  • Construction
  • Education and training

The total annual revenue generated by businesses and organisations in the Robinvale-Euston area is estimated at $490 million. This represents approximately 25% of the total output of Swan Hill Rural City.

If Boundary Bend and surrounds were included, the region would generate about 30% of the revenue of the municipality. The sectors generating the majority of the revenue are:

  • Agriculture – $140 million or 29% of total revenue
  • Manufacturing – $110 million or 23% of total revenue
  • Construction – $56 million or 11% of total revenue

The total employment estimate for the Robinvale Area is 1,828 jobs. The sectors with the majority of employment are:

  • Agriculture – 714 jobs or 39.1% of the total number of jobs
  • Retail trade – 164 jobs or 9.0% of the total
  • Manufacturing – 139 jobs or 7.6% of the total
  • Education and Training – 133 jobs or 7.3% of the total
  • Construction – 115 jobs or 6.3% of the total…

According to a Federal Government employment survey (DEEWR) Robinvale has an unemployment rate of 5.2% which is below the State average (5.4%).

The Swan Hill Rural City Council
Robinvale Economic Development Strategy 2012-2017


Agriculture is the major economic driver of the Robinvale region’s economy. Key indicators of the strengths of the agriculture sector are:

  • Annual gross revenue – $140 million
  • Number of jobs provided – 714
  • Value of local goods sold within Robinvale region – $18 million
  • Value of local goods exported – $119 million

The Robinvale region produces a variety of agricultural products, both dryland and irrigated. It is in a central location within the Murray-Darling food bowl, and has a favourable climate, good soil types, and a plentiful supply of large tracts of inexpensive land.

The unbundling of water rights from land parcels has seen Robinvale become a net importer of water. This has resulted in a significant increase in the value of irrigated horticulture. The Victorian Water Trust has also invested $20 million in the Robinvale region to replace ageing channels and pipelines, which allows reliable water delivery all year round. The project has been supported with an additional $20.5 million from Lower Murray Water. The works are expected to deliver water savings of up to 1,500 megalitres each year for environmental flows and further irrigation purposes.

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