Easy Day Trips around Robinvale-Euston

Robinvale-Euston has magnificent sunshine, fantastic surroundings and unspoiled river makes us an ideal destination for relaxing. Situated between Mildura and Swan Hill in North-west Victoria, Robinvale (Victoria) and Euston (New South Wales) are nestled on opposite banks of one of the most user-friendly stretches of the Murray River.

We have strong horticultural and multicultural traditions and close access to Mungo National Park as well as Yanga and Hattah Kulkyne National Parks. So, leave your troubles at home and treat yourself to a soul-satisfying journey to this beautiful and pristine part of Australia on our great river.

Towns and parks north of Robinvale-Euston

Heading north of Robinvale-Euston you can explore several options. Some of these include:

Towns and parks south of Robinvale-Euston

Heading south of Robinvale-Euston you can explore our wonderful Murray Mallee region and National Parks. Some of these include:

Things to do and experience in Robinvale-Euston