Bumbang Island

Bumbang Island aerial

‘The Cut’ located in Victorian waters, forms Bumbang Island by linking two closely located points of the Murray River.

Bumbang Island is about 566 hectares in size, is an important Aboriginal place to which local Aboriginal people have a significant attachment. Information taken from the Bumbang Cultural Heritage Management Plan (2001) indicates that there are 821 registered Aboriginal heritage sites on Bumbang Island. However, this is considered to be only between 50-70% of the total archaeological resources at the Island.

An analysis of the 821 registered sites reveals that this includes:

  • 769 scared trees
  • 44 shell middens
  • 2 artifact scatters
  • 2 isolated artifacts
  • 3 hearth/fireplaces
  • 1 Mia Mia (shelter)

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