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Murray Sunset National Park

Murray-Sunset National Park, in Victoria’s far north-west corner, is in one of the few remaining semi-arid regions in the world where the environment is relatively untouched. With its wide open landscapes, breathtaking sunsets and starry nights, its vastness and isolation will take more than a day to explore.

This is a great park for four wheel drive touring, bushwalking and camping.

The Pink Lakes are picturesque at most times of year, changing in colour from a deep pink to a glistening white. There are excellent walking tracks in the Pink Lakes area, along with a campground. Best accessed from the Mallee Highway near Underbool.

Victoria’s own ‘outback’, Murray-Sunset National Park, stretches from the Murray River at Lindsay Island in the north, and south to Pink Lakes near Underbool. From the west it borders South Australia to the Calder Highway.

The park has a fascinating history, abundant wildlife and beautiful spring wildflowers, and its 633,000 hectares protect 183 species of plants and animals threatened in Victoria.

Be enchanted by the fascinating Aboriginal history of Murray-Sunset revealed on scar trees and hearths. Explore remnants of the pastoral era such as the Shearers’ Hut, Mopoke Hut and Pine Tank.

Marvel at the colour of the salt lakes and discover the remnants of an
old salt mine. Each is a treasure trove of holiday discovery!  

Outback – not out of Reach

If you’re looking for outback, look no further than the ‘soft outback’ of Murray-Sunset. Enjoy driving, bushwalking and camping or take your Four Wheel Drive for an adventurous trek or join a tag along tour. From the picturesque Pink Lakes to the majestic River Red Gums on Lindsay Island and the vast number of protected wildlife. Your camera will need a rest when you leave!   The area became a National Park in 1991 protecting Victoria’s largest flower, the Murray Lily, the restricted Silvery Emu-Bush and the Blue-Leafed Mallee. Walk softly throughout the Park as you may discover a number of threatened species. The Paucident Planigale, a small carnivorous marsupial, the slender yellow and green Regent Parrot, and the Millewa Skink all make their homes at Murray-Sunset.  

Bring Your Binoculars

You may just see Mallee fowl, Red-Rumped Parrots, Pink Cockatoos and White-Browed Treecreepers. Emus and Western Grey kangaroos can be seen grazing in the surrounding woodlands at dawn and dusk. Walkers may catch a glimpse of the reptile -Bearded Dragon, basking in the sun on a warm day.   If you’re interested in fishing, bring your rod and reel. A fishing trip to Lindsay Island, the Lindsay River or Mullarroo Creek may yield a feed of delicious Golden Perch, Murray Cod, Redfin and Yabbies!  

Pretty in Pink

The Pink Lakes are outstanding subjects for photos, the colour most intense on an overcast day. The colour of the lakes is due to the red pigment secreted by neighbouring aquatic plants. Also, during spring, the Spider orchids, Azure Sun orchids, Desert baekia and the Poached-egg daisies around the lakes provide surreal subjects for photos!   The vast salt lakes, referred to as the Pink Lakes, dance with colour.  

Enjoying the Park

Just south-west of Mildura, Murray-Sunset is easy to access. As the second largest park in Victoria, you will have no trouble finding it! The main entrance is off the Calder Highway or access the Pink Lakes directly through Linga and Underbool. Be sure to pick up a park guide from the Alfred Deakin Centre before you leave Mildura. That way you can plan your trip so that you don’t miss a thing! Day tours from Mildura and Ouyen are also readily available. Just ask at the Visitor’s Information Centre. And, while you’re in the area, plan a stop at Lake Cullulleraine, browse through Meringur Historic Pioneer Park and the Pioneer Farm at Werrimull. Not to be missed!  

How to get there:

There are many access points to the Murray-Sunset National Park. It is predominantly 4WD. From Robinvale-Euston head towards Wemen via Hattah to the Calder Highway. Then towards Ouyen along the Mallee Highway. You can access the Pink Lakes (unsealed – 2WD access) near Underbool.

Source: Discover Murray River

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