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Robinvale Euston Local Drives

Robinvale Euston Tourist Town Drive

Take a drive around Robinvale and Euston to experience the diversity of our community, landscape and history. Starting in Robinvale near the Visitor Information Centre at Perrin Street, the shopping hub, make your way around this picturesque and interesting drive, along the Murray River, past our extensive vineyards and across to Euston. More information

Robinvale Euston Town Drive Tourist map


Euston Lock & Weir 15 Drive

The Euston Lock & Weir 15 Drive is a leisurely bush drive on a well graded track less than five minutes out of Euston. Take the road to the historical Euston Cemetery towards the Lock & Weir about 2.6 kilometres. There are countless restful places to stop off once you reach the River. It’s a favourite place for fishing below the Lock and a great observation point for the fish ladder.

Pump Road River Drive

The Pump Road River Drive is a leisurely bush drive on an ungraded track less than five minutes out of Robinvale. There are countless restful places to stop off at during the 10 kilometre loop.

Drive your way along a truly Australian stretch of natural bush. The River almost never leaves your view on this drive.

Because the area is Murray River Reserve and managed by Parks Victoria, this means you are welcome to simply drive through and picnic for a while, or stay in the forest at your leisure enjoying a unique bush experience.

Notice the changes in soil colour, vegetation and bird life throughout the drive. The soil close to the River is nutrient rich, being on the lower flood plain. The River Red Gums form thick groves. As the land elevates, the vegetation and soil change again to a combination of soil profiles, where black box trees and lignum bush thrive. The next elevation is of sandy, red soil which Wattle trees and Murray Pines prefer.

As for bird life, there is variety also. Kingfishers, kookaburras, pelicans, black swans, parrots, jays, brown gibbons and cranes all live in the area of this drive.

The end of the drive leads you to a sealed road about three kilometres upstream from where you started. Refer to the yellow lines on the map below as a guide.

Please note, this drive is not advisable during wet weather.

Pump Road River Drive


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