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New South Wales – 80km

Once considered the end of the Line, Balranald now is a stopping place on the Sturt Highway, that forms the direct link between Sydney and Adelaide. First settled in the 1840s on the site of a fording place of the Murrumbidgee River it gained importance during the river-boat days as a service port for the wool industry. Balranald now services the surrounding grain, sheep, cattle and viticulture industries. Apart from the areas grazed, the country around contains mallee, rosewood and belah woodland and contrasts with the closer settled Victorian side of the Murray River.

The Bend, on the Murrumbidgee River, a shady parking and swimming spot with picnic tables, boat launching ramps and toilets, and at Greenham Park, We Street. This recreation ground caters for football, soccer, cricket, rugby, hockey, basketball, netball, tennis and horse-racing. Adjacent is a three-pool swimming complex and 18-hole golf course. Other facilities provided include showers, toilets and parking areas.

Attractions near Balranald

Yanga Lake

8 km east of Balranald covers an area of 13 square km and has sandy beaches. It is the largest permanent water lake in the district.

Low Level Weir

6 km west of Balranald off the Sturt Highway. This weir, on the Murrumbidgee, is designed to create a pool in the river to maintain a regular supply of irrigation and town water. Nearby is a grassed picnic area with barbecues and tap water.

Red Bank Weir

88 km north-east, on Homebush-Oxley Road. This is another grassed picnic area which provides a break for the traveller. Facilities include barbecues, tables and toilets.

Lake Benanee

On the way from Robinvale-Euston stop in at Lake Benanee only 12km east on the Sturt Highway. Another of the many lakes in the region, it provides for water-skiing, picnicking and camping. Toilet facilities are available.

Source: Discover Murray River

Towns and parks north of Robinvale-Euston

Heading north of Robinvale-Euston you can explore our wonderful Murray Mallee region and National Parks. Some of these include: